Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cooking Challenge 1 - Round Up

I started this event, Cooking Challenge, with an intention for people (co-bloggers and others) to get into each cuisine and explore their recipes. I am sure to say that this was a great event. We had overwhelming entries, flavorful entries with beautiful pics and presentation. Now, before getting into a visual round-up, I want to share an award for sending most number of entries for the event, CC-Flavors of Tamil Nadu by Kalyani of Sizzling Taste Buds. with almost 9 entries.
Also, there were few recipes which were viewed more times compared to the other recipes, they are in the order of most viewed,
Kasi Halwa was on the top with most number of views,
A simple yet most preferred on any everyday, PJ's How you Brew your coffee by Seduce your taste Buds with Lovely explanation,
followed by A very tradional sweet, which most of us hardly have heard but interestingly love to taste, Karupatti Paniyaram by Classic Chettinadu Kitchen, and with Lakshmi's beautiful clicks
And finally,An interesting way of eating Bitter Guard, no one would deny to have one, Jay's Crispy Bitter guard Chips by Tasty Appetite,
I would like to share this award to all the bloggers who participated for the event CC - Flavors of Tamilnadu
Now, lets go to the Visual Round-Up of all the recipes,


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