Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kothamali Thogayal (Coriander Dip)

A simple dip or chutney or even can be prepared as a coriander rice. This is something that would help us on a lazy day. I tell you, winter makes me so lazy. Lazy is just not the word. Hasini asks me sometimes, mommy if you sit down to watch TV, "what am I going to eat?" So, during winter, lots of hubby cooking days comes :) and my hubby is a very happy man cooking for me. But, he never wants me to comment or criticize after eating. Well, who will criticize when food is served at a cozy couch (esp., after marriage)?

A simple thogayal for you, which can also be prepared with mint or curry leaves. So enjoy with your favorite tiffin either idli, dosa, or for variety rice, or even for your curd rice.

Kothamali Thogayal (Coriander Dip)
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You need:

1 bunch - Coriander Leaves
half lemon size - tamarind

4-5 green chillies
1 tsp Mustard seeds
1 Tbsp Urad dhal
a pinch of hing
Salt to taste
1 tsp oil to tamper

In a small pan, tamper mustard seeds with oil. Add urad dhal and tamper till golden brown. Add the coriander leaves and saute just for 30 sec and imm. transfer to mixer.

Take the mixer, add the coriander leaves, tamarind (make sure there are no seeds), green chillies, and the tampered spices and grind to a fine paste. Add salt in the end and grind once.

If you like dry red chillies, then dry roast and use instead of green chillies.


  1. Dip looks so greeny and yummy.
    An award is waiting for u please come and receive this award.

  2. Wow, what a great recipe! I love coriander , I 'll certainly try this recipe. Thanks for sharing & what an amazing blog you have.:)

  3. Copyright to coriander chutney is a bit too much :)


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