Sunday, January 8, 2012

Curry Leaves Rice

A variety rice for the days when we do not want to stick with the routine Sambar and Rasam. And these days I tend to be inclined to Curry leaves more. We are just enjoying the flavor that comes out of curry leaves and wonder how many simple recipes I make these days? As I told I was a person who keep the curry leaves at the corner of the plate.

Gone are those days, enjoying the flavors of the healthy herb, Curry Leaves. Try this recipe and try your variations, and alterations.

You need:

1 cup cooked Rice
4 packets Curry Leaves plus few for garnishing
1 tsp Spice powder
Salt to taste
Oil for Tampering
1 tsp Mustard seeds
2 tsp Urad dhal
1 Tbsp Peanuts

Wash and dry the curry leaves. Once they are dry, grind them to a fine powder. I use my coffee grinder for these grinding. They make our life so easy.

To the cooked rice, add a tsp of oil. This is done so that the rice do not look mashed when we mix the spices. To this add the ground Curry leaves powder. about 2 Tbsp. Then add the tampered mustard seeds along with Urad dhal. In a pan, roast peanuts with a tsp oil and add to the rice. To this add the spice powder. This spice powder is already roasted, so they can be readily added.

Mix well, and serve with any vegetable fry. Enjoy this healthy lunch and this is a great for lunch box!

For Vegetable fry, you can try Tindora fry (Kovakkai fry), Potato fry!

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