Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Announcing Cooking Challenge # 2 - Spices of Andhra

After a wonderful completion of the event series 1, I would love to invite you to Cooking Challenge # 2, Spices of Andhra. Andhra is a wonderful spicy cuisine, with great aromatic flavors.
Andhra Pradesh is known for its heavy use of spices and chillies. Rice is the staple food in the Andhra cuisine and is usually consumed with a variety of curries and lentil soups or broths. With Rice being the staple food, they are had with pappu - kandi pappu (Toor dhal) or Pesara pappu (Moong dhal) cooked with vegetable or greens. Garlic and onion in the seasoning while some regions prefer asafetida.
Kooralu (Curries) are prepared in a wide variety like Vepudu (fry, crispy), Koora podi (sauteed with curry powder), Pulusu Koora (boiled variety), Pappu Koora (Boiled with dhals), and more varieties. Pachadi (pickles) are in very broad varieties. For a typical Andhrite, no meal is complete without this very essential item. It is consumed on its own mixed with rice or is also eaten as a side dish with pappu / koora. Pulusu is a curry-like stew that is typically sour and cooked with tamarind paste. Other common bases are tomatoes or mangoes. Apart from these, there are numerous snacks, and sweets. Lets get set for the spicy meal season! This gives us all to try out the new cuisine, Andhra cuisine and share them here. There are some days, when we crave for some spicy food. If you think, you crave for some now, come and join us to cook a aromatic meal of any type from Andhra cuisine.
Rules to participate in the Event

1. Cook and post a recipe from Andhra cuisine. It could be the everyday Sambar, rasam, curries, or even a pickle, too many to mention!
2. Any method of cooking is allowed.
3. Vegetarian recipes only! Eggs are allowed only if it is baking.
4. Archived entries are allowed, as long as they are re-posted to the event date Feb 1st to Feb 29th.
5. Multiple entries are welcome.
6. Usage of Logo is mandatory as it helps spread the word.
7. Use the linky tool to link your entries. Archived entries (linked and re-posted) are allowed, although fresh entries are highly appreciated. Linky tool is live till Feb 29th.
8. In case you cannot link your entries, you can mail them to mysweetkaramkapi@gmail.com and also non- bloggers can mail to the same.
* Name
* Blog Name
* Post Name
* Post URL
* Include image of a smaller size (300px approx)
* Do mention CC - Spices of Andhra in the subject line.
9. Please do not forget to leave a comment here, so I would know that you have participated and I would love to visit you to thank you for participating.


  1. Lovely event. Happy hosting dear...

  2. Andra special(spicyal)Like to participate.Happy Hosting !

  3. heyy am inaugurating your event this time :).. do drop in sometime by my space !

  4. I like to participate ur event.Definitely i will send my entries soon.

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  5. I linked my entries.Do send ur entries my ongoing events :)

  6. really great.. I am feeling it so much interesting and will thirstily look forward to your approaching updates..Karam II Restaurant

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Lee! Nice website and you have variety of choices to order for!

  7. Just now I linked my first entry to this event.

  8. Vidya,I linked my another entry,Mirchi ka Salan.

  9. Love to participate, just now I linked my entry


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