Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vadu Mangai (Baby raw mango)

By hearing the word pickles, all our mouth waters. And to me, vadu manga is the king of pickles. I love to eat vadu mangai with any of my foods.It is very easy to prepare. If it is preserved properly, we can have the vadu mangai for about an year.

Vadu Mangai  - 5 kg
Caster oil - 50 - 100 ml
salt - 350 - 500gm
Asafoetida - 25gm
Mustard - 25gm
Red chilli powder - 50 gm

1. Wash the vadu mangai nicely and apply the caster oil nicely on all the vadu mangai. The more the oil the better it is.
2. Add the salt and keep it aside. I prefer little salty for the pickle, so I add 500gm for the pickle. 
3. Grind the Mustard along with Asafoetida (paste or powder) and along with the chilli powder add to the vadu mangai.
4. This can be preserved upto 1year. 

Note: After few days, the mangai will tend to shrink, then it is ready to eat.

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