Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rice Gheer

I had made this on my birthday. I remember my mom making gheer on all of our birthdays. She makes different types of gheer. Although only the main one ingredient differs, and they all taste mostly the same and always yummy!I used to have this big job of drinking the gheer when my mom made this. Always wondered if I would be making all this if I have to do on my own? Sounded weird to me, and now my mom gave me the feeling using the same old stuffs and still making it to taste similar to my mom's taste is not so tough!
So I make this only on our anniversary and all of our birthdays! My little Sundari loves it a lot, so make more than I want for a day and store it for her for couple of days!

Here, I was quite conscious of calories, so made with low fat milk. And to my surprise, everyone asked if I made out of milkmaid. It came out toooo yummy!

6-8 people

You need:
2 ltrs Lowfat milk (1%)
2.5 cups Sugar
3 tspn rice
20 pcs Badam (optional)
4 strings Saffron
2 tspn ghee
Heat ghee in a small pan, add badam and roast mildly. Then add the rice and roast, but do not make it brown. I would insist to grind the badam first, and then rice. Grind both coarsely, grinding it to powder like will not give a gheer taste in the end.
Now, Heat the entire milk in a big stock pot. In medium flame, boil the milk by adding the grinded paste. Now add the sugar to it. Once the milk is completely boiled, keep it on low flame. Now, add the saffron. This will take another 45 mins to give best result. Once it forms thick layers, it is done.
Remove from the pot and let it cool. Serve with few raisins.
This  2ltrs milk will shrink to almost 1/2 liter and it will be very thick. You can store this for up to 3-4 days and can add chill milk to it to make thin consistency.

I used rice since I did not have any others to make the gheer. We can also replace rice with Sabudana, Poha or vermicelli (not the roasted, upma one), when these are used, we need to avoid using Badam.


  1. Vidhu, had a couple of queries.
    I made something similar, but i cooked rice with milk in a cooker. It did not come out that well though.
    1. Is 3 tbsp rice enough?
    2. U have grinded the rice coarsely for it to easily cook with the boiling milk, am i right?
    3. 2 ltrs. will shrink to how much? the bowl u have showed in pic is the final amount?
    4. How many ppl does this serve?

  2. Do not cook this in cooker, and 3 tspn rice is very much as we are adding badam also. If you are not adding badam, u can take upto 5 tspn of rice. By grinding the rice coarsely it will give a nice taste in the end like Sabudhana (jevarisi).
    And serving it depends archie, in India, we drink in a 150 ml glass, and this will serve hardly 3 people not more than that. Here, this served for almost 8 people, as I served in a custard bowl. More to that, Hasini had now and then little of it.

  3. I tried in cooker because the i put whole rice (not grinding it coarsely) and wanted it to cook with milk.

    Ok, got it. Shall try sometime and let u know.

    Have u tried Caramel custard? oops it has egg, so u might not have tried I guess. Btw, do u have convection oven or the regular oven with u?

  4. I use regular oven. And I do try recipes which requires egg! The cake I made is with eggs.

  5. But urs seems to have a convection mode in it right? Thats the reason u are preheating it to 350F etc.. in a regular oven this cant be possible.. okayyyy.. try caramel custard pudding (recipe on net) sometime.. looks delicious..


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