Monday, December 5, 2011

Kashmiri Pulao

A fruity, nutty pulao which is colorful with a touch of saffron. This is such a fancy pulao from Northern Indian state of Kashmir.
This is loved by Sundar and Hasini in our home. And this became a happy Sunday meal.
I generally opt for a spicier versions of Pulao, but this is so great in its own style.
The natural flavor of the nuts with dry fruits & fresh fruits along with the aroma of the saffron milk, makes you to drool while you cook!

You need:
Basmati rice, - 1 cup soaked in water for at least 1 hour
ghee - few tbsp
cloves - 2 to 3
green cardamom - 2 to 3
cumin - 1 tsp
bay leaf - 1
onion, finely chopped and fried for garnish - 1
green chilli, sliced thinly - 3, can be made t o 1
ginger-garlic paste - 1 tsp
approx 2/3 cups of mixed nuts ( pistas,almonds,cashews, walnuts and raisin)
milk + light cream + few strands of saffron - 1 cup
nutmeg - 1/2 tso

rose water - 1/2 tsp
mixed fruits of your choice - 1 cup (I prefer seasonal fruit, as they taste sweet) (eg: apple,grapes,kiwi..)
salt to taste

Saute the spices in some ghee. Then add the nuts and stir until it gets aromatic and turns golden.
Add little milk to it. And let the nuts absorb a little of the milk in them.

To another pan and add the drained rice. Add the milk , a pinch of saffron, salt and water if needed and let it cook.

When the rice is almost done, add the nuts and chopped fruits and stir lightly until blended.
Sprinkle little rose water before they are done.

Serve, hot garnished with some fried onions.
They are mostly standalone and dont need any side dishes to go with it. If needed, you can add some Raita to with it.

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