Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Princess Pinky Birthday

Our little pinky silly princess has turned "4".

The Big day was so great and enjoyable. Thanks to all the people who made it for the party and to all those who are far away, thanks for your wishes and blessings!
This was slow picking up party, like a slow cooker! Well, the end result has to be pleasant and happy, likewise the party princess was happy to have all her friends. Our roaring Lion was the hero of the day, to wish his sister and exchanging gifts with her. The dishes all turned to be great and yummy! No doubt, all enjoyed the dishes. To tell you something, non-veg eaters also enjoyed our veggie curries.
It all began with a starter - Cookies, Garbanzo beans, black beans, assorted veggies, mixture, & Masala Idli with mint chutney.

Followed by Chapathis, Grilled Gobi, Pepper'n paneer curry, Mattar masala. Then the Biriyani, curd rice.

To finish off with the dessert, is Kala Jamun.

Thanks once again to all who made this event happen and in a Grand way! And this is our special guest who has come to NJ (in Oct) after 50 years...


  1. Semma cute pic di :)
    Shyam n Hasini semma cute!!

    Hey even last time Srini went to NJ, he said snow was there[end of winter, March 2011].. how come u are saying its snowing in NJ after 50yrs?

    Anyways I so wish I could have been there. So very happy to see ur little family di. :) God bless!

  2. Its snowing in october with blisters after 50 oct there has not been snow storms for so many years!


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