Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boondi Laddu

Laddu is one of the most liked sweets by Sundar. Ofcourse, this gives the reason for me to prepare this every Diwali. When I think of Laddu, only Tirupathi Laddu comes to my mind. Tirupathi laddu is something that everyone always craves for. I tell you, how much ever Tirupathi laddu we eat, we want more and more. 
I have never achieved to taste equal to that, but it still tastes good! 

This recipe is not my own creation, but I prepared from the laddus I ate earlier and prepared my style of it and ofcourse it did come out well!

You need
Boondi - 2-4 cups
Sugar - 2 cups
Water - 2 cups
Kaju - a handful (15 cashews approx)
raisins - 1 handful
cloves - 6-8 pieces
pacha karpuram - a pinch

1. Add Sugar to the pan to make the syrup. Now add water so that sugar is just immersed. And heat till a thin syrup is formed, no thread like consistency. Just little thick syrup.
2. Now transfer the boondhi as you prepare to the syrup.
3. Add the other ingredients and mix well. The mixture should not be watery. It should be thick enough to hold the laddu. If you want the boondies to be really mashed, go ahead and mash them.