Monday, July 26, 2010

Wheat Dosa

Wheat dosa or Godhumai dosai is my favorite of mom's special! I used to eat almost 8-10 of these dosas. Ooops! all of us would eat atleast 5 of these. They taste so yummy and you need not wait for the dosa batter to ferment for the next. Just in an hours time, it will get ready.
I tried this dosa when I came here first. It came our so sticky. Then discussed with a friend and added rice flour. Still I never had the satisfaction to how my mom made it. Then the next before preparing, I asked her and found this simple secret. The batter should be kept for 1 hour before making dosas. And now I taste dosas similar to what my mom makes and within an hour.

You need
2 1/2 cups Wheat flour
3 tsp Cumin seeds
5-8 chopped green chillies
Salt to taste
Water to make thin batter
Oil for making dosas

Mix all the above without any lumps and keep aside for about an hour.This batter should be thinner to the usual dosa batter.
Then heat a non-stick pan, mix the batter well and pour one full laddle. Since the batter is very thin, it sort of forms holes here and there. It is ok, that would also add crispness to dosa. add 1/2 tsdp oil around the dosa.  Now, have it on medium low flame. When one side is cooked, bubbles tend to pop on. Then flip on the other side. Dosa is ready when it gets brown on both the sides.

I usually make these when I have not much time. So have them with idli podis.
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  1. hey yummy blog n yummy dosa too! Landed into ur blog thru Priya Arvind's orkut profile....great job!


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