Friday, July 9, 2010

Corn-Peas cheesy pita pockets with hummus

The word of spice terrors my kutti sundari, Hasini. Being a toddler, she is very choosy! When it comes to food, very less choices to eat. Last time, when I went to India, my parents and inlaws asked me what is Hasini's favorite food? I was wondering why have'nt I thought about this untill now.
Ofcourse, only thought in my mind was the food I feed should be healthy which refused my mind to think in this angle! This made me realize, I have a huge working schedule ahead on my way. So, the week I returned home, sat at my desk and thinking about the veggies, fruits, grains, milk varieties that she liked or did she ever ask me any kind food more than I served? Ofcourse, there were times when she asked herself. How come now I got so many in my list?
All of us, like to give our kids healthy foods. And ofcourse we forget most of the times, they need fulfill their taste-buds.  More than this, I always make it a point to ask my kiddie to choose the veggies for her day. And I do some mathematics here by adding and subtracting some veggies.

Corn peas Cheesy velvety Pita pockets

You need
2 Whole grain Pita pockets
1/4 cup of corn & peas
1/4 cup of black beans
2 small baby carrots grated
1 slice 2% milk cheese
1 tsp butter
4 small cubes of panner
Salt to taste
Freshly ground pepper to your taste (optional)
2 tspn of hummus

Soak the black beans overnight or for 1 hour in warm water. Wash and cook the black beans, corn and peas till tender. Add a tsp of butter and fry the panner till golden brown. And in another pan saute the cooked black beans, corn, peas and the grated carrots with the butter. Add salt to taste and add freshly ground black pepper.
I should tell you this, I was half way through the cooking today, and Hasini pulled out the chair and peeped into the pockets(Pita). And stretching out her hands to grab the plate. But the final garnishing are still to be done.

Two little hands grabbing away the pockets!
Back to the recipe.
Apply 1 tsp of cream cheese inside the Pita pockets. Now, add the cooked veggies and panner. Cut the cheese slice, spread and stuff inside with the veggies. Microwave for not more than 15 sec ( it is just to make the cheese spread evenly with the veggies).
This can be had without any dips also. But I used hummus (as that is one Hasini's favorites!).

She liked it quite a lot and it took only minutes to finish her breakfast. And this is a heavy, healthy, enriching kids to eat veggies. I am a Happy mom today!

I am sending this as an entry to "Kids delight", a dish liked by your kid with colorful hue. Want to try for your kids? Let me know if your kid liked it!

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  1. hey archie, I am totally not sure of where we get in India? maybe you can try where they make fresh breads and more bread related stuffs! Only fresh pita pockets great better!


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