Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Best Cake...

The final day of my course 2 was  yesterday. Always, it was fun gathering there and chit chat while learning the techniques. I have always wondered if I would be able to prepare some nice cakes. I mean a neatly decorated cake. Even at the beginning of the last class, I never imagined I could make a nice decorated cake. But, I took back my opinion, when I could make a cake like this,

This is my best cake ever till now. When I prepare the cake, I was waiting to decorate and cut soon. As the cake is a vennila cake with Strawberry Marshmallow Mousse filling. I loved the filling and it tasted to good when I prepared them. But when I decorated the cake, I never had the mind to cut the cake :)

This is the Victorian rose, which everyone fell in love with. This is the top of the cake.

A closer look at the Victorian Roses,

We learnt a new technique called basket weave, which was so beautiful when made on the cake sides. It gave a great new look.

We also made prim roses, daffodils, apple blossoms, & violets which I displayed on my cake. These were made out of Royal Icing, which dries out very quickly and has too many designs out of it. Once you begin to prepare royal icing for your cakes, you hardly go back to the butter cream icing.

The below is the prim rose surrounded by the violets.

The below one is a daffodil,

 This is a daisy below,

And finally comes the slice of cake, which has this Strawberry Marshmallow mousse filling between the layers of the cake.


  1. The cake is beautiful :-). Looking forward to more gorgeous creations!

  2. wow..ur cake looks it tasted as good as it looks...maybe even better..;)

  3. Cake looks gorgeous,,,,too,,good,

    1. wow...that's a great looking cake...and a lot of effort must've gone in there!! GOOD one dear!!

  4. Beautiful Cake, with very nice decoration!!!

  5. Superb....

  6. Beautiful cake di Vidya... Not sure if I can do at home...

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