Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Healthy Cooking Challenge - Movie time Snacks

Health is Wealth is a well said proverb! And it is great and nice to have healthy things around. Healthy foods, healthy environment, and healthy stuffs is all what all of us want.
All of us ask, does healthy food means tasty food too? Yes, Ofcourse, I would say surely! We are going to have too yummy and HEALTHY snacks here...
When I wanted to guest host Healthy Cooking Challenge this time, Rekha popped up immediately with a Yes! And this is the start to all the fun in having healthy foods, snacks, and desserts.
Dec 1st to 31st

It is important to spend quality time with your family. This strengthens your relationship and makes you and the other members of your family closer than ever. 
And to this its Christmas around the corner. And what happens is we (at home) end up watching movies after movies. 
Watching movies with your family is very cheap because you can do it at home. It is also very relaxing because you can snuggle on the couch or on the carpeted floor and go straight to bed once the movie is finished.
And one fun aspect of watching movies with your family at home is eating movie snacks.
Remember that watching movies requires dim lights. It will be difficult if you have to eat using fork, spoon, and knife.
So this time, in Healthy Cooking Challenge, I requested Rekha have this theme, Healthy Movie time snacks. All time favorite for us is pop-corn. Indian or American or African, everyone choose or immediately thinks of pop-corn. But, let us change it by having healthier snacks, esp., for adults! It can be from any cuisine around the world.

Here’s how Healthy Cooking Challenge(HCC) works:

1. Post your recipe on your blog during the event’ schedule dates between,December 1st to 31st.
2. Old entries which are re posted during the event schedule dates are allowed.
3. Only vegetarian recipes please , though  use of eggs is ok.
4. No deep fried recipes please.
5. You must provide a link to this event announcement page and to the Rekha's event page.
6. I would appreciate if you use the above logo for your post, It helps to spread the word , though it is not mandatory.
7. The round up of the events will be posted on January 1st or before 5th (as its New Year).
8. Make a snack suitable to the theme of month and send an email with HCC in the subject line to the with the following information:
Your name-
Name of the recipe-
Link to your post-
Picture of the recipe-

Remember to post some bite size food recipes or finger foods. Also it would be great to have low calorie and low sugary foods.

Here are some of my thoughts for you,
Vegetable Skewers,
Fruit filled nachos,

Zuccini bites

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  1. will link mine soon,I have few matching with the theme,still haven't posted....

  2. Lovely.. Will send thru some entries ..

    Please see my new event as well, I would love to see ur entries

    New Year - New Dish

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Loved browsing through your blog and was tempted to make something healthy for this Movie time event. I have submitted Spanish Potatoes (baked) as my entry. Best Wishes!



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