Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Event Announcement - Love Lock with Sweets

Music is the food for love, lets play on!
Sharing is the food for love, lets share with each other!
Love is the food for love, I Love you!

Wonder, that you see a verse in my blog? I just recollect myself into 4 years back. And the day, December 6th is arriving soon! The day when he came to my house. The day he swept me away! The day my whole world changed! A day to remember, relish, and cherish forever...

Ours is a typical arranged marriage. After horroscope matching, looking into each of our pictures the families decided to meet each family on an auspucious day. Although, am an outspoken person I am quite defidend talking with men. He was very frank, outspoken, gentle and ofcourse smart! He was waiting for my reply. We exchanged our mobile numbers. Just waiting for my call, and he has to leave to bangalore. I know I liked him, but I took my time to respond. Also I did not want to delay. It was so uncomfortable to speak out that way to him. So I called him, and I accepted to him. It did happen, and only great things happen ever since then...

I want to celebrate this occasion with you all dear bloggers with an event. This is my first event,
Love lock with sweets.

You can prepare any kind of sweets. Any sweet that would please your husband or something he always longs for! It can be a kadala urundai (peanut jaggery ball), rava kesari to custard. There are always some sweets that make them do anything for us. It is those kind of sweets. Or something that was prepared on a similar occasion described above, when he first met you.
It would be great to hear any of those beautiful moments, you with your husband like how you both met, or his first gift for you, or something that makes him crazy about you!

Love does not have rules and should not have limit!
But the event have the rules and no limit:

* Use the linky tool to link your entries. Archived entries (linked and re-posted) are allowed, although fresh entries are highly appreciated. Linky tool is live from nov 10th  till Dec 6th, 2011.

* Please note that archived entries must be reposted, all entries (fresh and archived) require you to link to this event announcement.

* All dishes are to be vegetarian only. Eggs are allowed if you are baking. Usage of logo is mandatory. 

* In case you cannot link your entries, you can mail them to mysweetkaramkapi@gmail.com and also non- bloggers can mail to the same.

* Name
* Blog Name
* Post Name
* Post URL
* Include image of a smaller size (300px approx)
 Do mention Love Lock with sweets in the subject line.

* Like me and share my space with your friends in Facebook. Follow me publicly in the blog. This is not mandatory but appreciated.

*  Please do not forget to leave a comment here, so I would know that you have participated and I would love to visit you to thank you for participating.

Thank you for your recipes! Happy Cooking!


  1. Hi...First time on your blog...Congrats for your anniversary....Following you dear....Do visit me at http://muchmorethanahomemaker.blogspot.com/

  2. nice event dear...i hope ur hubby s really proud of u,..happy hostin ...wil try 2 send in some recipes

  3. What a way to celebrate the most treasured moment of your life! A very nice theme..You have a wonderful space here..

  4. hey...nice event! would love to send in my entries...! i hv already subscribed to your blog:-)

  5. Happy hosting!!Will send the entries soon.

  6. Happy hosting dear. Glad to follow you.

  7. very unique event, and liked it a lot and today a special day where i shared my H's fav recipe with a short story and also so glad to link to your event and following u happily :)
    plz drop by mine when u find time :)

  8. hi vidhya
    now i linked it...its working fine :)

  9. first time here.. liked your recipes very much.. will try sending my entries to your event.. glad to follow you.. do visit my blog some time..

  10. Firstly, my best wishes on your special day.. What a sweet event to celebrate such a sweet celebration!

    Hope your husband enjoys my contribution to the event "Eggless chocolate brownies with Ice cream". Mine surely did and now every other day the common refrain at home is "Brownie Banaye?"


  11. wow!!this event made me reminding my past,such a nice concept!!will link my entries soon....
    & please accept my heartful wishes to both of you....
    Midweek Fiesta @every Wednesday

  12. Hi dear,First time on your blog and it was superb. I linked 1 entry and will try to send more recipes. Happy hosting and do visit my blog some time!!!!

  13. Linked my cupcakes dear and liked your FB page - Would love for you to like back :) ty! Priya

    HEre is the link

  14. Hi there,
    you hv a lovely blog. Have sent my entry for ur event. Following u!


  15. First time here..lovely blog with mouth watering recipes! Happy to follow you :)
    Will send my entry to this Event soon.


  16. Happy Anniversary to you! First time here, you have a lovely blog. Linked Rainbow Lamingtons & now following you :)


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