Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Lock with Soups

Love Lock Series has headed into the 3rd series successfully. Lets come out of the sweets and think something that relates to everyday cooking. Since, there are more weeks of winter lingering around, I wanted to have the event to be on Soups.

All of us certainly look around for some hot pot of soups during those very cold, windy days! Do you prepare them part of your everyday cooking or at least once a week? When I talk about Soup, I remember a story I say to my daughter about soup. A girl brings home a very big pot which gives her unlimited soup every-time she asks for. The girl just says, "Cook little Pot", and the pot cooks different soups everyday. Unless the girl says, "Stop little Pot", the pot keeps cooking soup for her. Once, her mother forgets those words and says something else, just to realize that the soup has overflowed and filled the entire house and finally the entire town. The girls comes and says,"Stop little Pot".

I would certainly say that I hardly knew 3 or 4 soup recipes until I started blogging. Just wondered if all the soups would taste good? But, once got hold of some nice recipes for soup and prepared them for myself, just realized all soups are too good to have them for any time. I wonder how many beginners are there like me.
Lets start by saying, "Cook little pot" or "Start, little Chef" and cook all kinds of vegetarian soups and enjoy the winter days! and lets share the recipes through this event!

Rules to participate in the Event

1. Cook and post any Soup recipe from any cuisine.
2. Any method of cooking is allowed.
3. Vegetarian recipes only! No Eggs allowed!
4. Archived entries are allowed, as long as they are re-posted to the event date Feb 15th to Mar 15th.
5. Multiple entries are welcome.
6. Usage of Logo is mandatory as it helps spread the word.
7. Send in your entries to for bloggers and non- bloggers. I would like to look at each of the recipe and add them to the Live round individually.

* Name
* Blog Name
* Post Name
* Post URL
* Include image of a smaller size (300px approx)
* Do mention Love Lock with Soups in the subject line.

8. Please do not forget to leave a comment here, so I would know that you have participated and I would love to visit you to thank you for participating.


  1. Happy hosting vidhya :) will send in some entries soon!

  2. Happy hosting.Will sure send in my entry soon.

  3. Happy hosting. WIll try to send mine.

  4. First time here....
    nice event, count me in
    glad to follow u :)

  5. Happy Hosting!!! Hop over to my blog, I have something special for you :)

  6. Have blogged and mailed you my soup

    Many thanks for hosting


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