Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chilled Guacamole Soup

Slowly the sun peeps in the windows and makes and creates a warm climate. I always find hard to wake from my bed whether it is summer or winter. But who wants to miss even a tiny bit of summer. Of-course, not I love to play outside with my kids or with my SH. It is fun in the sun.

I always like to make my foods and recipes season specific at my place. We have soups in winter time and salads in summer. Also insist on low calorie food in winter. I came across this guacamole soup. I am so nuts about Avocado and anything about it. So wanted to try it out and we loved it. My daughter do not like plain avocados, so I made like with less spice for her and more cheesy. You would surely like it, if you are a lover of avocados like us.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Road-side Serva | Salna | Kurma

The Serva or Salna are usually served with Parottas or very rarely with Biriyanis. And they taste the best only on the road-side shops. The road-side shops serve the serva along with the parottas. They are also served in some country sides in TN. There is a road that goes from venkatnarayana road to T.nagar, a shop opens every night at 9.00 pm. They make wonderful variety of dosas, parottas and some days biriyanis too. In that one of them specializes in vegetarian food.

When I was talking to India, my aunt always watches the recipe program that comes in tamil channel and she makes note of few things. I give it a try, and tell her how it was and let her to try. This was one of that. But it was noted down 4-5 months back. Suddenly when I was surfing around my notepads, I saw this and I tell you it is just easy to try. As it takes basic ingredients which we will have in our daily cooking, so no big preparation is required.

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