Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fresh Home baked Bread without Machine

When I step out to buy any grocery, I get confused with too much of options these days. One such confusions comes in choosing the yeast I buy. I wanted to look into what each yeast is for and what major variations they could bring?

Some facts from the web, the particular brand which I buy has these options for the type of yeast to choose;

Cake (moist) - the traditional live yeast; needs to be dissolved in water
Active dry - the traditional dry yeast; needs to be dissolved usually with a bit of sugar
Instant - contains a bit of yeast enhancer (citric acid, maybe some other stuff?) and is possibly more concentrated than active dry; does not need to be dissolved
Bread Machine - exactly the same as instant in a different package
Rapid Rise - larger amount of yeast enhancers and other packaging changes to the granules. Does not have to be dissolved. Works very fast and is intended for straight doughs that you want to complete within an hour or so. Generally not used by artisan bakers who seek slower, not faster, rise.

The confusing part is that some manufacturers reverse the meaning of "instant" and "rapid rise", and vary on which they call "bread machine".

Monday, June 18, 2012

Thank You and a Giveaway

Sweet Karam Kapi is celebrating 2 years in the Blogging World and approaching the "200th" post. I would like to celebrate this great occasion with all you out there. There is a surprise for that one lucky person out there.

I would like to start with a thank you to all my SweetKaramKapi readers, visitors, & co-bloggers. You all have supported me till here today. Just your visit to my blog means so much, and thanks for all your valuable comments and suggestions. I can no other answer make, but Thanks, and thanks. I registered in blogger quite earlier and never began to start blogging. But, it took me about an year to get into the world of blogging and meet such wonderful people. I had started with a very slow journey but a steady one indeed. The max support has come from my family of course, thanks to dear sundar and my sweetheart daughter. She is the first person who appreciates my photo work. Well, her appreciation had made me feel so happy so many days. A Big thank you again to all you who reading now and tomorrow. As a token of appreciation, I would like to have this giveaway. There are quite some reasons to have this giveaway, which I'm approaching my blog second anniversary, & 200th post. I did not know what to choose, finally I have ended up with the one below. This is a World wide giveaway open till August, 2012 and I can ship it to anywhere you live in this world. Anyone can participate in this if you fulfill the following requirements. The aim is to reach 200 blogger friends with equal facebook likes.
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