Monday, July 30, 2012

Kerala Parotta

Have you had road side parottas with the gravy called Salna or Serva, have you had beach side bajjis? I just do not care anything around for these parottas or bajjis or even the masala sundal I eat outside. But ofcourse, they do cause some stomach upsets and some allergies too!

My SH just loves this Serva and he has a very big story behind eating serve. Well, he always has stories for everything and my lil girl loves to hear every bit of his story. I have always wondered how could one narrate such creative stories and Hasini has begun to narrate her own stories these days!

The Parottas I made were soft and fluffy. I also prefer not to use the baking soda for my casual cooking. Although, for some preparations like Parotta or rava idli we ought to use, still I excuse the the final texture in not using the baking soda. Here, am posting the recipe with baking soda as that is the usual procedure and if you want you can avoid it.

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